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We provide accounting, tax, and tax resolution services that financially empower our clients, as individuals and business owners. Our firm works to foster long-term growth in our clients’ businesses by providing high-quality, cost-efficient, and value-added tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services.


Jasmine DiLucci, JD, CPA

Irving CPA Jasmine DiLucci

Tax Lawyer
Certified Public

About OUR CPA Firm

We are a family firm founded in 2005 and currently run by a father-daughter team, John and Jasmine DiLucci. We strive to be a full-service accounting firm, one that can get you out of IRS trouble and keep you out of IRS trouble. 

DiLucci CPA Firm provides Tax Return Services, Tax Resolution Services, and Bookkeeping. We understand our clients have a busy schedule; therefore, our tax professionals make themselves available outside of regular business hours to help you protect and grow your business.

John DiLucci, EA, CTRS

Irving CTRS John DiLucci bookkeeping for small business service

Certified Tax Resolution Specialist
Enrolled Agent

IRS Tax Resolution Service Dallas TXIRS Tax Resolution

Our enrolled agents specialize in resolving your IRS tax issues, strategically approaching your unique situation to determine the best resolution. Whether you have payroll tax problems or income taxes owed, we can evaluate whether you qualify to settle your debt with an Offer in Compromise. Also, we assist in penalty abatement, installment agreements, and removing federal tax liens or wage garnishments. Contact us to discover your IRS tax resolution now.

IRS Tax Resolution Service Dallas TXFinancial Analysis

Understanding financial data is essential for any business. Our financial experts at DiLucci CPA Firm use historical financial data to assess your company’s current and future performance and make recommendations about how your business can be more profitable.

Tax Return Service Dallas, TX and Irving, TXTax Return Preparation

We assist new and current business owners in choosing the right tax entity. DiLucci CPA Firm handles all types of business and individual tax returns in Dallas, TX (and surrounding areas) so you can focus on your business, including tax returns for Partnerships, C and S Corporations, single member LLCs, and your individual return. Also, we take care of both Federal and State tax filings as well as foreign filing requirements.

IRS Tax Resolution Service Dallas TXTax Planning

At DiLucci CPA Firm, we know the best strategies to keep your tax bill small, while helping you to avoid costly penalties. Our certified tax experts will help you implement tax planning strategies that will set you up for a successful, and less stressful, end of the year and allow you to file your business taxes with confidence.

Bookkeeping for small business Service Dallas, Irving and Farmers Branch TXBookkeeping Services

We work alongside business owners to provide bookkeeping support. Our Dallas area CPA Firm offers full-service bookkeeping services. We also offer monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping review. Additionally, DiLucci CPA Firm even offers QuickBooks training for business owners interested in preparing their own books. Ultimately, our goal is to financially empower you as a business owner and provide the tools you need to grow your business. Contact us to find out more about our Dallas area CPA services.

IRS Tax Resolution Service Dallas TXCashflow Management

Cashflow is an ongoing measure of financial health for your business. DiLucci CPA Firm has certified accountants who will monitor and analyze your cashflow. Our cashflow management keeps you informed of your businesses financial health and our experts help you make the most strategic choices possible for your cash assets.

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DiLucci Firm is the greatest.

Professional and very efficient. Their firm has provided our company with all taxes that need to be filed and any IRS letters received, John who is very knowledgeable and their manager Faraz.. quick to answer and help! John was able to clear us from a $177,000 penalty abatement. Thank you DiLucci Firm. This is the CPA Firm you need for your company!

Yaneth Cisneros

I’ve been a client with DiLucci CPA for about 7 years.

They’ve done my Taxes and helped me settle matters with the IRS. Before selecting to use their services I contacted several agencies and based on my needs they all pointed me to Mr. DiLucci. I can’t say how thankful I am for the results they’ve gotten me and above the counsel they’ve given. I intend to continue to use their services until the Good Lord takes me. I can’t say Thank you enough for Mr. DiLucci and his team fighting for me. they are a wonderful firm!

Elvin Like

I have used DiLucci’s bookkeeping services since 2014.

They have been able to assist me with more tax issues/questions than I can recall! I have used several CPAs in the past and DiLucci is the only one I would truly call professional. And let me tell you from experience, using the wrong CPA can lead to disastrous results! I came to John in 2014 with a complex tax situation and a huge tax bill.

John and staff were able to sort it out no problem.

Since then, I have used DiLiucci’s services for everything from repayment plans and penalty abatement paperwork to personal and corporate/franchise tax filing. The rest of the DiLucci staff is amazing as well. They are all friendly and knowledgeable: Jasmine, Arezoo, Melissa…all great to work with! In addition, DiLucci’s secure upload portal for sending documents back and forth is modern and easy to use. You can feel confident that your taxes are being done competently, accurately, and in a professional manner when you choose DiLucci!

George ML

It’s impossible to put into words how much we appreciate John DiLucci and Jasmine DiLucci

and the team of professionals at DiLucci CPA Firm. They were referred to us by a friend when we needed help and they worked tirelessly to resolve our situation and get us back on track. They always answered our questions and concerns with honesty and compassion. I was surprised when I would send e-mails at odd hours, not expecting an answer until normal business hours, but would receive answers at night or on weekends. I highly recommend you contact them if you need bookkeeping services, too!

Judith Robinson

John was referred to me by a friend when I needed help

and he and his team went out of their way to work beyond my expectations to help me get back on track. It wasn’t just that though, the in-depth knowledge that John has working with the IRS to resolve these matters is unmatched. Further, his attention to detail looking at every possible piece of information to assist in getting any and all issues addressed went well beyond the norm. In today’s day and age, you need an expert when dealing with complex tax issues and I don’t think there is anyone in the country more adept at the many issues many people encounter than John. I highly recommend John and his staff if you need help and if you want elite expertise on your side.

Paul Bernardini

Efficient, courteous, very professional.

Mr DiLucci is a true master of his field, quickly put our fears aside and promptly handled our case with the IRS. I just want to say thank you Mr DiLucci.

Mike Smith

This group is outstanding.

The team is always ready to help. My business is very small and mobile, sometimes I need answers fast and often after hours which they will accommodate. Customer service is #1 with Jasmine and the rest of the team. I needed bookkeeping services, and they continue to deliver.

Matt Melsheimer

We were behind in IRS tax payments and were at a loss of how to proceed.

With is so much misinformation out there regarding the IRS, so many attorneys making outrageous claims and so many horror stories from people who tried to deal with the IRS directly, we really did not know where to turn. My husband and I were referred to John DiLucci by a reputable corporate tax attorney. John has years of experience in dealing with the IRS directly and was able to thoughtfully explain our options help us devise a plan of action to get back on track. We really appreciate his calm and experienced guidance through this situation.

Linda Butler

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