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Tax Lawyer

Enrolled Agent

Jasmine DiLucci, JD, CPA , EA

“I love tax law and the challenge of keeping up with the constant changes. I view it as the foundation of any business. People tend to devalue it, but the minute something goes wrong, they feel the effects. I like the fact that solid planning and accounting keeps business moving forward.”

Jasmine DiLucci and her team offer accounting services that bridge the gaps that often exist between accounting, tax planning, and tax resolution. Because of her years of experience resolving tax issues and her thorough understanding of the rules and planning as a tax lawyer and CPA, she is able to give clients practical feedback on how the IRS works as well as providing answers to complex tax questions. She believes that when accounting includes preparation for tax purposes throughout the year, businesses can best optimize their performance.

Taking a long-term approach, Jasmine stays responsive to clients so her team is always ready to answer questions or make adjustments. With a thorough understanding of the practical and theoretical side of tax issues, she offers clients a unique range of perspectives that can prevent potential problems from becoming a liability in the future. While she finds it exciting to help clients erase tens of thousands of dollars of IRS debt, she finds it equally fulfilling to prevent companies from incurring unnecessary tax debt in the first place while also maximizing legal advantages to reduce overall tax liability.

As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS since 2011, Jasmine has years of experience leading clients toward the best resolution of their tax challenges. She is certified as a Public Accountant in both Texas and California, and a member of the State Bar of Texas.

Jasmine earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees cum laude from Claremont McKenna College in California and guided clients through tax planning and resolution for years before returning to school to earn her J.D. from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University. Clients appreciate her in-depth understanding of the nuances of accounting and tax law combined with the practical knowledge of IRS operation. While her range of knowledge and focus enable her to steer clear of problems, if a question does arise, clients can feel confident knowing that Jasmine is prepared to resolve the issue effectively and efficiently.

“We want to maximize value for our clients,” Jasmine explains. “We’re considering not just what’s on the tax return, but what appears in the books all year long. What would the IRS see if they came out and asked for your books in the middle of the year? Every component should coordinate and it should be optimized to provide the most benefits for your business.”