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IRS Tax Resolution Services

 IRS Tax Resolution Services in the Dallas, Ft. Worth Area

DiLucci CPA Firm’s Tax Lawyer and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist have the experience and expertise to resolve IRS debt problems both for individuals and businesses.

Why use IRS tax resolution services and not just do it yourself? IRS and state collection officers rarely agree to terms requested by a taxpayer with a back tax issue and often take advantage of the situation when you do not know your rights. They are known for dishing out heavy penalties and fines when their initial demands are not met.  This is why it is imperative that you use a Tax Lawyer or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.


Dealing With Back Taxes

DiLucci CPA Firm’s considerable knowledge and experience dealing with the IRS and back tax cases allows us to solve most tax collection issues. We have effectively navigated the massive bureaucracy that is the IRS, and we know how to get things done quickly within that bureaucracy. We know which battles are a waste of time and which ones should be fought. More importantly, we know how to fight those battles and win.

Regardless of how bad your situation may appear, our Tax Lawyer and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist have most likely faced a similar situation before. Our licensed tax professionals will use the variety of different strategies at their disposal to find a solution to your tax problem.

Some of the tax resolution services we offer are:

  • Offers in compromise – Doubt as to collectability
  • Offers in compromise – Doubt as to liability
  • Offers in compromise – Effective tax administration
  • Installment agreements
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Wage garnishments or levies
  • Innocent & injured spouse relief
  • Currently not collectible
  • Protection from IRS collection agents
  • Collection due process appeals and hearings
  • Audits
  • Tax liens
  • Appeals – All types
  • S. tax court assistance
  • Home & car seizures
  • Employment tax issues
  • Bank & business levies
  • Penalty abatement

IRS Tax Resolution Services Are Your Best Option

If you owe back taxes, you will be much better off using a tax resolution service than fighting the IRS yourself.  However, it is important to choose a tax resolution service that employs a Tax Lawyer and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

The IRS and state taxing authorities have the power to:

  • seize all types of assets
  • garnish wages
  • levy bank accounts
  • close businesses

Essentially, the IRS can put individuals into situations where it is exceptionally difficult or impossible to keep a roof over their head.  Using a good tax resolution service provider dramatically reduces or eliminates the chances of these terrible situations. Furthermore, the value of the reduction in tax debt often far exceeds the cost of the tax resolution service.

Why Choose DiLucci CPA Firm for Tax Resolution?

We have resolved back tax issues for clients who owe thousands to millions to the IRS. Regardless of what you owe, our Tax Lawyer and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist will accomplish two important goals:

  • Protect your bank accounts, home, wages, personal assets, business assets, and accounts receivable against garnishments, levies, and seizures.
  • Develop and execute a tax resolution strategy that requires the smallest repayment or settlement amount, potentially saving hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars.

Once we have resolved your back tax issue, DiLucci CPA Firm works with you to ensure your long-term relief. We want to give you a fresh start and the tools you need to stay out of tax trouble in the future.

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